George Abe

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George Tetsuo Abe was born in Manzanar California, raised in the Seinan area (Westside, L.A.). Began with clarinet in elementary school and went on to play oboe and sax at Manual Arts H.S. He graduated with a BA in Psychology, CSULA. He now specializes in Japanese musical instruments: shakuhachi, yokobue, taiko and biwa. Some of his music can be heard in KARATE KID II and in numerous productions at East West Players (OMEN; ...AND THE SOUL SHALL DANCE; PACIFIC OVERTURES).

As a founding member of Kinnara Taiko he has performed and led workshops and classes throughout Southern California and in various cities throughout the U.S. He has been a workshop leader every year at Tasiko Conference, going back to the very first one.

As a member of Japanese Festival Sounds (on the rosters of Music Center on Tour and From the Center) he has presented assemblies in schools throughout Southern California for over 15 years. He also is an Artist in Residence at Metropolitan State Hospital, providing drumming workshops for clients and staff for the last 10 years.