Isaku Kageyama

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Isaku Kageyama -

Isaku is one of the premiere taiko drummers of his generation, performing and teaching taiko around the world. For the past 5 years, Isaku has worked as one of the principal drummers of Tokyo-based taiko ensemble, Amanojaku.

His distinct sound adds elements from a wide variety of music genres such as rock, jazz, electronic, Latin, and African, to produce a powerful groove that goes far beyond traditional taiko.

Isaku has collaborated with jazz trumpeters Terumasa Hino, Toshinori Kondo, saxophonist Kazutoki Umezu, fashion designer Kansai Yamamoto, among others.

He is also a two-time National Odaiko (large drum) Champion, becoming the youngest person to win highest honors the Mt. Fuji Odaiko Contest in 2000, and Hokkaido in 2003. Isaku has appeared in television commercials and events for brands such as Toyota, Boeing, Japan Postal Service, Aioi Sonpo and Shin Nihon Tatemono.

A powerful musician and icon of traditional Japanese culture, Isaku is one of the taiko drummers who will carry the art into the 21st century.