Saburo Mochizuki

Since 1966 Saburo Mochizuki performed as a professional Taiko ensemble (Sukeroku Daiko) player. In 1968, he toured and performed in San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Los Angels, which has become a foundation of the widely spread North American Taiko Ensemble groups. In 1972, he received the stage-name, Saburo Mochizuki. Ever since, he is a leading performer of Japanese Classical Music, mostly performing at Kabuki-za and Kokuritsu-gekijyo (Notional Performing Art Theater) in Japan. He is an associate professor of Tokyo University of Arts (Tokyo Geijyutsu Daigaku) teaching Hogaku. He is also active in creating and performing Kabuki-bayashi, Matsuri-bayashi, Shin-gaku and Wadaiko based fusion music. Since 2007, he has been teaching and promoting Japanese classical percussion instruments, Kotsuzumi, Ootsuzumi and Taiko, at Elementary schools in San Francisco. His students have been performing at San Francisco Cherry blossom festivals every recent years.